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Month: May 2024


Announcing the Official Launch of Heartbeat Christian News Franchises!

Part of this feels like a dream to me. What started with $1.00 in 2007 and God is about to turn into a national Christian newspaper is mind numbing! Especially considering that I never had any experience on the production side of the newspaper business prior to the Lord dropping this in my lap. What God has grown and blossomed here in Southeast Tennessee in nearly 12 years is nothing short of miraculous. Heartbeat Christian News is truly a work of the Lord with many signs, miracles and wonders and this is the biggest of them all. I am greatly humbled to be the vessel He chose to publish this awesome work. You see, it is the word of God, rightly divided from the original King James Version of the Holy Bible whose slogan is "Good News for the Soul". […]


Why Franchise Marketing Systems and not another company?

If you are new to the whole world of franchising and are excited about the opportunity of taking your business to the next level, you most likely began to do your research. And, like me, you probably got frightened at the jungle of possibilities of the volume of companies who can possibly "help" you to become a franchise. Let's face it, Google and all these other major search engines have become such a challenge to navigate because there are so many choices. Plus, you still have a business to run! That is exactly how I felt when I began to research franchising Heartbeat Christian News. The only option I could find with no experience was franchise attorneys. They are professionals and, obviously, legally qualified and narrowly focused on creating what you need. Which is the Franchise Disclosure Document, also knowns […]


Reasons Why Franchising is the BEST Way to Grow

Why is franchising the best way to grow your business and vision? Even though I am new to the world of franchising, I am a quick study! And the Lord has blessed me to quickly be surrounded by franchise professionals who have a world of experience in the industry. But since it is me writing this post and I am relatively new, it makes all the more sense to listen to what I have to say. To legally become a franchise is the smallest, and tax deductible, investment giving you the opportunity to begin to grow. FMSFranchise.com! Because this amazing company handles every aspect of creating a franchise out of your company and offers you payment plans. Once you are legally a franchise, savvy entrepreneurs all over the country can now buy your business model and begin to build it […]


Welcome to Franchise Radio – Our Mission

The Lord gave me the vision for Franchise Radio shortly after we began the quest to franchise Heartbeat Christian News. God works through people and He chose a very dear friend of mine, Greg Mohr the Franchise Maven, to lead me to the company who is creating a franchise out of Heartbeat Christian News. That company is Franchise Marketing Systems. A Christian owned, and wholesome, company who are experts in taking a business owners vision and creating a successful franchise out of it. Chris Conner, the CEO and Founder of FMS, is passionate about what he does having built a team of like minded individuals who work together seamlessly. So the vision is for Franchise Radio to become the industry standard for everything to do with franchise education from creation to marketing to sales and on and on. Henry Ford […]

Franchise Radio – an online radio network where you can learn everything there is to know about every aspect of franchising.


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